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The NIMR Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV) is a light 4x4 vehicle, enabling high-speed response to tactical situations in remote sites, either by fast ground transit or helicopter insertion both underslung or inside a CH-47.

The typical mission for the NIMR RIV is conceived using speed and mobility as the critical advantage enabling the crew of 4 to traverse diverse terrain at high speed, both on and off-road, armed with up to 12.7 mm machine gun.

The NIMR RIV will carry under-body blast protection as standard and modular applique armour packs for ballistic protection.


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The NIMR AJBAN Long Range Special Operations Vehicle (LRSOV) is an open-top 4x4 long-range reconnaissance vehicle designed for use by Special Forces. Light and powerful, capable of accessing all terrains in addition to being helicopter transportable, the vehicle can be customised to accommodate a range of user-specified equipment.

The AJBAN LRSOV is based on NIMR’s multi-purpose platform, developed to meet various military requirements from utility vehicles to fully protected tactical vehicles. The LRSOV seats 4 crew with an optional 5th seat, providing all-round situational awareness and self-defence from a high mounted heavy machine gun ring and gun mounts at all crew positions. The vehicle can optionally be fitted with ballistic and blast protection.

The modular configuration of the vehicles allows for multi-mission variants to suit the user requirements, with NIMR developing bespoke configurations from base vehicle architecture if required.