APCs Engineering


Our in-house design, engineering, and R&D capabilities encompass all aspects of military vehicle technology - from driveline to protection systems. Our team of military engineers are drawn from across the world. Their combined experience allows us to understand and forecast field data, combat situations, and evolving customer operational requirements.

Our on-site capabilities allow us to incorporate the latest technologies into our vehicles and platforms - even mid production - making constant improvement the norm. We use the latest simulation tools and techniques to rapidly mature our designs, shortening the design cycle and enhancing production capacity. 

armored personnel carrier Production


NIMR operates as the leading military truck manufacturer in the Middle East, establishing a modern production site that consistently is able to produce to a high quality and in large volumes. Total production flexibility has been built into the process layout. This allows for multiple model types to be built simultaneously, maximising product output and efficiency. By adopting a highly flexible production process, enables NIMR to quickly reorganise resources (equipment or personnel) to react to customer's changing requirements. 

Our 37,500m² production facility has the capability to supply every component at each stage of the assembly process. The facility includes:

  • Assembly shop
  • Sub-assembly welding shop
  • Paint shop
  • Logistics warehouse

In addition to the 37,500m2 facility we have another facility in Al Ain of 12,500m² dedicated to cutting and bending with some of the largest laser cutters and bending presses in the region.

All of our vehicles undergo a rigorous testing process during the Quality Control (QC) phase before they are signed off.

Visual Management Systems are in place to allow for real-time production monitoring and also provides active interface requests and support to identity and rectify problems whilst providing improved communications. 

APCs Technology Transfer


Through our joint ventures with defence operators in other countries, we transfer knowledge and technology, build skills in different regions, and support customers with in-country capabilities.

An example of this is NIMR's joint venture with the Algerian Ministry of Defence, with dedicated facilities, staffed with Algerian nationals, manufacturing NIMR platforms to meet the demands of various Government agencies.

APCs Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)


Our Integrated Logistics Support technicians identify the optimal lifecycle maintenance and support packages for customers by analysing:

  • Clients' requirements
  • Mission environment 
  • Deployment protocols

ILS packages can be configured with a range of service components, including:

  • Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)
  • Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) based on
    • Vehicle architecture 
    • Existing customer maintenance infrastructure
  • Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA)
  • Maintenance plan development
  • Reliability Centred Maintenance Analysis (RCMA)
  • Prognostics and Health Management (PHM)